Inside look at the Life of Soul Artist J.Scott

By Amanda Best Emerson College 5:34 P.M EST April 27 2016

Gospel musician J.Scott Martin is a graduating senior at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  He grew up in San Diego, California and got involved in music at a very young age.

“I grew up in the church so that’s where it all started. My daddy made me play drums. My momma made me sing in the choir,” said Martin.

J.Scott Martin played music throughout all his years in school from the euphonium to the bass. In his teens he later moved to Nashville,Tennessee and the music scene there influence his style of music.

“The cats in Nashville really groomed my since of music and just opened my eyes to more styles and more genres,” said Martin.

J.Scott pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in music at Berklee College at the age of 23 and has helped Martin read music and write music. It also helped him discover who he is as an artist.

“When it comes to music styles I consider myself to be a chameleon. It’s kind of different because I do believe in God but I don’t just do gospel. Wether it’s R & B or whatever I just make sure it’s pleasing God….but sure yes I am a gospel artist,” said Martin.

He credits his father to his eclectic taste in music. His family members are all also musically inclined. Martin’s sister is a DJ and his brother plays the guitar.

“My dad and I used to listen to all sorts of music in the car on the way from school. We always jam out together. Thats why I have such a huge range in music. I love Tank and Stevie Wonder! Those are my guys right there,” said Martin.

While continuing his music career at Berklee his friends decided to put together a funk/soul band called “The Glove”.  The band performs many songs but they always add a funk twist to their music.

“We came on the scene and cats really weren’t giving us a chance on campus so we were like hey man if they’re no gonna give us a chance then we’ll give ourselves a chance. We just sang from our hearts and kept performing and eventually earned people’s respect,”said Martin.

According to his friend and fellow bandmate Jaleel Howard it was not an easy road.

“Shout out to J.Scott man for keeping his head high and puling us through. He really always encouraged us in the beginning when the crowd was small or when gigs fell through. He seriously is a man of faith and loves what he does. Now we have packed out events! So guess you have to start from the bottom,” said Howard.

J.Scott Martin is also a member of the praise and worship band at Ebenezer Community Worship Center in Dorchester, MA.

“There seriously are not enough good things to say about this man in front of me. I could go on all day. Scott is the main man. He was with us when we built this church and was always looking to help out where he could. When I found out he could play the bass and sing I just knew he was blessed. And he has blessed us for years now with his musical talent and his passion for praising God,” said Pastor Pete Rice of Ebenezer Community.

Even though Martin’s journey will be ending at Berklee his journey in his music career is just beginning.

“I plan on taking a nap after this…just kidding. I plan on staying here until 2017. I definitely want to continue to help out at the church but after that I want to move to somewhere like Philadelphia or London. It’s a different scene out there and I hope to keep pursuing music and keep bringing glory to God with my music,” said Martin.



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