Deep Thoughts Cambridge On The Record

By Amanda Best Emerson College 2:33 A.M. EST April 27 2016

Record stores all over the world were filled to the brim with vinyl junkies this Saturday. Record Store Day is basically a holiday when it comes to the music world and of course Boston had to get in on the fun. Cambridge record store Deep Thoughts shared the best spots to hit in Boston on Record Store Day and how to start building a record collection for all the newbies out there.

“We have a lot of new music and a lot of stuff on Discogs (largest online media database) this weekend for Record Store Day,” said Deep Thoughts owner Alain Stamatis.

Record Store Day is an annual holiday that celebrates independent record stores like Deep Thoughts. Most record stores try to entice customers with deals and stock the shelves with limited edition records that are only available today.

“ Store 54 is closing and there selling everything off this weekend so thats a great place to go. Boomerangs also pulls out some heavy stuff. They have like a secret stash they pull out only for Record Store Day. I know Planet Records also in Cambridge is supposed to be yanking out some pretty interesting study today,” said Stamatis.

Vinyls are definitely a product of the past but they are making a come back.

According to Canadian online music publication Chart Attack , oldies are becoming more popular “despite the massive success of Adele’s album 25, which sold a whopping 7.4 million copies in only six weeks, 2015 marked the first time in U.S. history that new releases were outsold by catalogue albums.”

So how does one even start building their new collection?

“ I would definitely start out with getting a few cheap things and pick up some dollar records and get used to those first,” said Deep Thoughts owner Alaina Stamatis. “ Just start from your favorites and build from there…a nice thing we do here is section off gifts especially during the holidays like “must haves” so you could start there.”

Record Store Day is a great way to support local vinyl stores and a nice excuse to buy tons of music to expand your collection. Even though a lot of music is becoming more digital Boston record stores still travail.

“Having a record is just a different experience. You can have people over and have listening parties. You get to interact with the record. It sounds different. It can definitely be an expensive hobby but it also a fun one,” said Stamatis.


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