Taste of Iceland in Boston

By Amanda Best March 5 2015 8:21 pm

88.9 WERS hosted its annual Reykjavik Calling at The Middle East Saturday evening where Bostonian and Icelandic bands collided on stage for a unique weekend cultural experience.

Four bands took the Middle East stage for an unforgettable musical collaboration: two from Boston and two right here from Boston. The event was filled to the brim with Iceland band die- hards and people new to the Icelandic band scene.

“Anytime an Icelandic band comes to Boston I’m there,” said music producer Chris Bowdin. “People just aren’t aware of how big the Iceland scene is here in Boston.”

The entire concert was completely free to the public. Free equals every college students dream and music wasn’t the only thing that was free. WERS gave away free CD’s, T-shirts, and other merch just for attending.

“I love going to concerts and come on it’s free! It’s just a great time to get away,” said Boston University Irene Ley.

Some came out for the cultural experience.

“I head to Iceland in June and my friends are going in a week that’s why I wanted to come out,” said Northeastern student Nehir Keskin.

Others were merely… huge Iceland fanatics.

“I love everything about Iceland and I dragged all my friends with me,” said indie concert-goer Kelly Trimble.

Boston native indie rock band Nemes took the stage first and pumped up the home crowd. After their eclectic set the Icelandic bands Ceastone and Alex Flovent chilled the atmosphere down with a mellow acoustic playlist. Local favorite Adam Ezra shook things back up and commanded the stage with his rockstar persona.

The night ended like every night should with the crowd swaying and all the bands together on stage singing Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” at the top of lungs without a care in the world.


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