All About The Oldies

By Amanda Best, Emerson College 7:50 PM EST April 9, 2016

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Old music surpassed the popularity of new music for the first time in history according to Nielson’s annual year end music report.

“Vinyl’s and CD’s are definitely coming back. Most artists are putting out music digitally and on vinyl,” said Cheapo Records staff member Jack Rollins.

Based off of Adele’s new album selling 7.4 million copies in six weeks and Jay Z’s streaming music service Tidal gaining 2.5 million subscribers most people would think the contrary. In actuality guess people are feeling more nostalgic.
“Catalogue albums outsold current releases by 4.3 million copies, something never before seen in the industry,” according to online music publication Chart Attack.
Digital sales are still on the rise but when it boils down to the actual release date people are choosing catalog albums which are CD’s that came out over 18 months ago.


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What sparked this vinyl takeover?
There is no exact answer but record players definitely have come back into fashion. Vinyl’s and record players used to collect dust in attics now they are flying off the Urban Outfitters’ shelves. Young music lovers and hipsters are re-discovering the art of music.
“Vinyl’s are interactive. You can feel the music. Also what I’ve noticed is that a lot of the digital song cut out tracks that were originally there for sales purposes,” said Rollins.

As soon as this resurgence occurred albums from artist like The Beatles and Led Zepplin went through the roof. “According to the same Nielson report, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon sold 50,000 records this past year, the third highest selling album on vinyl” said Chart Attacks. The digital world and the record world are drastically different. Vinyl’s require more time, elude more care, and contain lesser sound quality.Digital music normally requires a subscription, downloads instantly, and contains practically flawless sound quality. There is a huge market for both music platforms but it is interesting to see classics clashing with digital.


According to research community the, “The revival of vinyl could be similarly motivated by mere nostalgia for the antithesis of digital streaming: large and fragile discs in cardboard sleeves that manifest a distinctly un-digital crackle when played on the similarly redundant technology of the record player.”

Even though a lot of people are downloading their albums instantly on their mobile devices or computers, artists are beginning to take notice of this vinyl movement.
The top 10 biggest selling albums according to in 2015 are:

  1. 25-Adele
  2. Back to Black-Amy Winehouse
  3. The Stone Roses-The Stone Roses
  4. X-Ed Sheeran
  5. Guardians of The Galaxy-Original Soundtrack
  6. AM-Artic Monkeys
  7. Royal Blood-Royal Blood
  8. The Dark Side of The Moon-Pink Floyd
  9. Chasing Yesterday-Noel Gallagher’s High Flying
  10. Unplugged in New York-Nirvana

Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Sam Smith trump the vinyl charts in the U.K.
Whether or not oldies will surpass digital albums is unclear but Jack Collins believes one thing is for sure that “if they lasted this long they’re not going anywhere.”


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