Django Django and Wild Belle shine at the Middle East

The heightened mood continued as Django Django took the microphone, with a style entirely their own. The front man, Vincent Neff, emphasized that this was the last show of their US tour, and that they wanted to go out with a bang. Django Django certainly did, playing a 10-minute-long version of their hit “Waveforms,” found on their debut album Django Django. The pulsing synths courtesy of synthesizer operator Tommy Grace coupled with David Maclean’s drum set shook the venue with a tour de force of beats stemming from the art rock movement. Django Django’s sound is unique all their own – if you enjoy listening to the light exotic beats of Metronomy and at the same time the deeply rich melodies of Yeasayer, you will enjoy Django Django. Check out their second studio album, Born Under Saturn. You can also find them on 88.9 FM, WERS!

by Jack Travis/photo cred Amanda Best


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